No wonder American education is going down the shitter (part two)

January 17, 2006

Well, let’s see. Yesterday I left off after example number two- second period, so I think I’ll continue from there.

For example #3
Third period for me is English. Oh boy, oh boy. For the past couple months our teacher has been out due to the adoption of a child. Fine. Not my business. Today she got back (and don’t get me wrong, she’s one of the teachers I kind of enjoy) and proceeded to tell us stories of adoption, her time away, etc., etc. Eventually she got to the part where she told us that occassionally she’ll quit grading papers part way through so that the person whose paper is being graded can pass. What the…? A perfect example of the all-too common attitude (heh, look there’s “tit” again– attitude haha) of “I don’t give a damn” that teachers possess today. But since I like this teacher, I’ll quit right there.

For example #4
Gym. Ahem, excuse me, physical education. No teacher better represents not giving a shit than our phys. ed. teacher. Countless times we’ve spent class sitting up against a wall with the option to participate. Not that it mattered if we did or not. Hell I might as well have just shoved a cactus up my ass for all the more it matters in that class. Aside from my last period of the day (which I’ll get to later), this is the only class in which the teacher tries to prevent cheating on tests (yes, that’s right, we have tests in gym). Not that anyone should have to cheat anyway- any asshole can get a passing grade on every single one of these fricking tests. After our tennis unit, questions like: What color is the tennis ball? or after the unit in which we RAN day after day: This unit was a ______ unit. (the answer is “running” by the way, for any of you Hillary Clintons out there with your heads too far up your ass to know). Regardless, I more often than not enjoy this class. It’s not so bad when phys. ed. is nearly carefree since it’s not a “major” class (like English, math, science, etc.). Who cares?

For example #5
Next up I have probability and statistics. There isn’t much to say here because I don’t feel like it.

For example #6
Study hall. Every damn day assholes run rampant for the sole purpose of pissing me off. It’s uncanny how much they succeed in doing so. Morons. I hate them. Not everyone, but those who irritate me. Launch them into the center of the sun, I say. Or make them go to Africa and have a giant orgy that way they’ll not only have sex with Africans, but they’ll get AIDS in the process. Hot damn.

For examplel #7
Uh-oh, better be careful here. Touchy-touchy little subject. Writing about this got me kicked out of school for four days (which was unconstitutional by the way). So I’ll do what I always do when I piss someone off: do it again. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this woman discriminates. Certain people (as always, I won’t mention names) get away with so much shit in that class it makes me sick. “Selective disciplining,” as I like to call it, is just like Naziism. That’s right, just like the Nazis did back in the old days. I hate it. That kind of shit makes me, as a student, never ever want to give blood to the Red Cross again. God forbid I give any of these fools my blood.

I’m done. To hell with this, I’m tired.

Do me a favor: comment.
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Happy Martin Luther King Jr. day you KKK-loving nigger-bashers.
If the rest of my family was black like me, we’d kick your asses for being racist.
What does that have to do with anything I previously said? Hell if I know.



  1. I quite enjoyed that. Sometime I’ll have to make my own list and show it to you. Quite enjoyable, Derek, keep it up.

  2. yet another highly enjoyable and quality blog keep it up

  3. enjoyable but you are walking on a dangerous line. you know the school district will say something about this…although nothing will become of it if handled correctly.

  4. The school district can say anything it wants, but nonetheless they’ll do nothing about me or my blog postings. I’ve crossed no legal boundaries and I’m not writing this at school.

    I love the First Amendment and the ACLU that helps enforce it.

  5. give yourself a good long trip to the endzone for such a high quality post

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