No wonder American education is going down the shitter (part one)

January 16, 2006

As I sat in school today knowing that I had to make an update to this damn blog of mine, I pondered what I should write about. Then it hit me: the teachers who are planting the seeds of, and cultivating the “future of America.” And the more I think about it (haha…”about it” kind of sounds like “about tit” haha…), the more I understand why the U.S. is getting dumber: teachers suck these days. Really, they just don’t care anymore. And hell, if teachers don’t give two shits about doing their damn job, what the hell does it matter to a kid if he/she gets an education? It doesn’t, really.

For example…
First period today (government): our teacher left the room at least three or four times without so much as leaving a hint as to where the hell she was going that was so much more important than teaching us. Sure, one time she said “I’ll be right back,” but that’s it. And sure, she had a video of a presidential debate on for us to watch, but with no teacher to bother with, who the hell cares? We might as well have just shoved our heads up our asses because there was nothing to learn from any of it, unfortunately. Then the teacher checked off our vocab homework, which I didn’t know was due today. So I’m getting half credit because it’s going to be late when I hand it in. Okay, now I know this sounds just CRAZY but last week we spent almost entirely in a computer lab, which is no big deal until we observe the fact that there is a big-ass divider in the middle of the room separating it into two halves. Half one: teacher and some students. Half two: students, including myself and another person who didn’t get his vocabulary done because he too was unaware that it was due. As a teacher, wouldn’t it be…oh, say, fair to the students on half two if you were to get up off your ass and go to the half two and make announcements about when homework is due, rather than just sit at one of the computers the entire time and try to talk through a divider? I for one, don’t have any special superpowers (except being so tough that I eat nails and shit razor blades, with the occasional pissing of battery acid) that allow me to hear sounds through large objects without some kind of interference. So you know what, government? Piss off. But don’t feel bad, it’s not just you…

For example #2…
The very next class period, I walk in to my desk to see it all covered in pencil. Maybe it was drawn on or something. Whatever. So I go up to our (substitute) teacher and ask if I can go to the restroom to get a wet paper towel to clean the desk with. His response: “I don’t care. Do what you want.” Allow me to note that this is the same teacher that once made a comment “No shit,” in the middle of that same class. Two people came into class late today, both of which had passes and hence, were excused from any kind of being-late-to-class punishment. That’s just fine and dandy to me, because, frankly, where they are is none of my damn business. So they showed the teacher their passes. “Here, (teachers name here), I have my pass signed.” To which he replies, “I don’t care.” This may be a rather small/light example, but that’s how damn near every teacher is.

It’s not at all surprising to me why kids in school are all such dickfaced assholes: teachers don’t care. Who gives a flying shit what the peckerhead does as long as it doesn’t affect me? Fuck you and your family! If it were your kid acting like a dipshit and he/she was ignored for it, how would you feel? Your kid would be turning into a fuck-up because of a lack of care and/or discipline. You’re the same damn way. I could go on about this but I’m running out of time, so I’ll be back with a part two, possibly tomorrow or something. Until then, who cares?

Mifflin County School District won’t be doing a thing about anything I post on here. It’s all off-campus and thus out of their control. Disagree MCSD? Fine, try me and I’ll let you have a little talk about the first amendment with my friends at the ACLU. Have a grand day.



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  1. I can tell you that I’ve got some more teachers to tell you about. But you already know. LOL–>

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